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We provide retail opportunities for everyone from stay-at-home mums & dads, cafes, health stores, gyms & just about any business wishing to add our unique teas to their range of products. 

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retailers we have something for you too!

Why Work With Us?

We've developed a range herbal tea blends, that are packed with nutrients, flavour and more importantly they work. Tested for effect, the results have surpassed even our expectations - we even have GP's as customers!

Our Keto Kick tea is the first herbal blend in the world developed to improve ketosis and weight-loss, whilst providing nutrient for those following a keto or VLCD diet. The results have been a 30%+ increase in weight loss, earlier ketosis, improved sleep and reduction in keto symptoms.

Best of all our growing base of customers are passionate, loyal and cheerleaders for KK and our other teas for: insomnia, headaches, male-health and general wellbeing.

Our independent agents have experienced success, not only through sales of our teas, but also in terms of overall business growth. 

We have begun a heavy investment programme in the Made A Tea brand and our product portfolio to make sure our impressive sales growth continues on a national and eventually, international scale.

We really do support our stockists with regular communication and marketing help.


Free Training For You & Your Staff

From the moment you join our stockist family, you will receive the highest level of training and support to ensure that you’re equipped to deliver the greatest customer experience! 

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Made A Tea

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