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About Us: our journey with anti-inflammatory herbs

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We're Sick


We've travelled the Earth speaking to herbalists, bush doctors and we've had our heads in most of the UK's hedgerows looking for ideas and anti-inflammatory herbs. We each suffer from rare, debilitating and painful neurological conditions but thanks to our efforts, adventures and experiments we've each managed to free ourselves from most of the effects of our respective conditions with bespoke anti inflammatory blends and without a glut of pills and repetitive painful injections. 

We do what we do because it works for us and if it works for us... it might work for you. 

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We Have OCD

We Test, Reblend & Retest Before Offering Our Teas For Sale

Yes, we take nothing for granted! We’ve trialled all our teas extensively, ensuring they taste great and deliver the desired effect. The results have been truly fantastic...  

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Fancy Us?

All of our ingredients are safe natural and sustainable and  they provide respite for many! We are living proof that there are other ways to solve problems than popping pills. 

We are 100% focused on keeping each other safe, healthy and moving.  We're only really at the start of our big adventure, but we're ready, we're keen  and we'd love you to join us!