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UNIQUE herbal tea blends that work

Health & Wellbeing Teas That Taste Good Too

Our Range of tasty Wellbeing Teas

FULLY TESTED herbal tea blends

Health Teas Tested Before Being Sold


Each of our teas has been crafted using quality, natural ingredients that are wholly licensed for sale in the UK... and they taste like a high-five too! 

We’ve trialled our teas, ensuring they taste great and deliver the desired effect. The results have been truly fantastic... 

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Dedicated to Quality

UK Wellbeing Health Herbal tea blends

We are a British company and pride ourselves on providing tea herbs and roots sourced from UK companies. We work with our suppliers to source quality offerings. 

Stay Awhile & Learn

Blends of herbs for health and wellbeing

Our Teaucation page & blog provide historical information about the origins, myths and uses of the herbs & tea traditions.

People First

Anti inflammatory herbs for health weightloss and wellbeing

Each one of our herbal tea blends has been crafted to meet a need and all have been rigourously tested before being brought to the market for sale. We welcome feedback and are open to suggestions for future brews!


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